Tax Preparation

There are many places to have your tax returns prepared. The assumption is “any place that prepares tax returns can prepare mine”. The preparer “probably knows” the basics of preparing a tax return. But is that really good enough? Is allowing someone to prepare your taxes that has little or no thorough knowledge of income tax education or experience really what you want? Don’t you deserve better? After all, it is your hard earned money.  Don’t you deserve to have an experienced firm with knowledgeable staff prepare your return?

We take great pride in preparing tax returns. We understand the tax laws that will allow the maximum allowable deductions. We review each client’s situation in preparing their return. Our staff does not “just throw” your tax return together. If there is an audit, we will explain the issues, what documents are needed, and the inherit risks.

This is your tax return and it should be prepared by a professional. Don’t allow your tax return to be prepared by an inexperienced and uneducated person.

Call us for a free consultation. Come in and ask all your questions. We are here to help you keep more in your pocket.