Elder Care

As our parents and loved ones get older, new financial challenges arise that you may not have thought about before. The simple tasks in life that we don’t think about take on new meaning. We take care of paying our own bills, reviewing and reconciling our checking accounts, making deposits into our accounts, renewing insurance policies, etc.

What about our elders that can no longer take care if these basic financial decisions and tasks? At some point in time, they will need help. If your schedule seems overloaded each day, consider having a professional to take care of the basic financial needs. We provide elder financial care. We will assist with making sure their social security, pension or other retirement income is properly accounted for, the bank statements are reconciled, bills paid. In addition, we will assist with any questions regarding phone calls they may receive asking for money that “doesn’t seem right”.

Each of us really should reconcile our bank accounts monthly. There is an increasing amount of check fraud occurring. Most banks will only cover a fraudulent check on your account 14-30 days after the bank statement is mailed. (You must notify the bank.) After that time, they will not consider it a bank issue. For more details refer to the banking rules supplied with your checking accounts.

Our firm will prepare the annual income tax returns and any gift tax returns if applicable. In addition, a complete accounting of assets & debts will be documented so that there are no surprises down the road.

Our services are tailored to each person’s needs. We will keep you informed on all transactions as they occur. You need a partner that can be trusted to take over these tasks.